Day 1302: Eh, Maybe Skip This

I got a bit into the weeds with why punching nazis is a bad idea and – in the process – spoilered much of the over-arching theme of the Seeker’s Tales.

Not a great introduction for any Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers who may have checked in after yesterday’s Masterclass on Science Fiction

You might wanna wait until tomorrow. Just sayin

#tommw 34F overcast. Calm

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The only way this would have worked this morning is if I’d gotten up half an hour earlier. Too bad because the sun rise was apparently beautiful.

I’ll be at Anythink Write Farms in Thornton in a little over an hour.

I should probably find some presentable clothes.


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Day 1301: Lovely Morning

I had more to say than I thought.

#tommw 38F calm. Scattered clouds

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