Day 1463: Sunny Morning

It was really too late to be out, but I went anyway.

#tommw 58F partly cloudy. Breezy

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  1. Anita Lewis says:

    Seems to me only right that you should be focused on food and exercise right now. You are in a habit forming and learning process due to a big change that makes it necessary. Personally I think it is very WISE for you to be talking it out as you do extremely well doing what needs done. As you were talking about your food I was thinking, shoot, this guy has this thing! He’s making this dishes sound good and like he is enjoying them. That little pat on the back for doing that walk on the treadmill and the talk about how it will be available in those bad weather times–that is setting up a new way of dealing with things that could get in the way. The walk and talk is for you and I’m very happy to see you using it so effectively. I just began a habit of pushups and other calisthenics. I started pretty small, but have stuck to it for almost 3 weeks now. I saw a display of simulated 1 pound of fat and 1 pound of muscle and decided to try to get ahead of the insulin resistance curve. I’m finding your talk inspiring for my own progress as well.

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