Day 1491: To Market Or Not?

I spent too much time talking about my personal logistical challenges.

#tommw 64F mostly cloudy. Calm

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  1. Anita says:

    The test for glucose by test strip is much different than the test done in the lab. The strip method is not all that accurate or precise. The drop of whole blood on the strip is not a very exact measurement because of the type of sample, the inaccuracy of the size of sample, and the nature of the test and equipment. In the lab serum is used and is measured quite precisely. The test used is also more reliable. The test strip method on whole blood actually gives you a readout, not of the actual measurement, but converts the whole blood reading to what the serum level would be.

    The big thing here is that the test will tell you if you are in trouble and it is available fast. If I were you, I would not bother trying to compare that test strip to what the lab will get. Don’t expect clinical lab results from a test strip. The standard control is used to make sure the system is in the ballpark. I can understand how you feel about that wide-open range of values, but that is the best you will get from that sort of testing. It does what it does.

  2. Dave Wallace says:

    Sweet treat Hybrid Carrots (seeds from Burpee catalog) are the best I have found and will winter over if not weather too extreme or at the very least can be planted very very early without worrying about late frosts.

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