Day 1515: Left v Right

My brain wants to fight with itself.

#tommw 62F mostly cloudy. Breezy

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  1. Anita says:

    I think it is fairly typical for people to lose the momentum after they have made progress on a challenge. Losing weight and gaining it back is usual. You mentioned the “process” is important in a Romance novel even though the end is known. It might be that seeing the process as important rather than the goal is what makes some folks not lose the momentum. The process has been the importance in their weight loss and it remains important as their goal is reached. That goal is not their endpoint. “Eye on the prize” may not be such a great motivation. Maybe even with writing this is true. The feeling of writing and being in the process of discovering the story seems to be what you do in fact enjoy. That thrill of finishing dies so quickly as you go into the process of publishing and then watching how it goes. Two different feelings are involved and one is like a sharp high that passes quickly. I’m puzzling this out for myself as well while I write this. I need to be aware of the feeling of each moment on the path so that I can stay on it.

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