Day 1530: Sunny Morning

I had a lot to think about this morning and a lot to grumble over.

I also forgot to post!

#tommw 62F scattered clouds. Light breeze

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  1. Bess Ikandu says:

    The questions I was left with at the end of Milk Run were: Why do these women trust each other? Should they trust each other? They were room mates. They work well together but they knew little about each other when they started their adventure.

    Zoya is working for TIC. She wanted to work for the TIC coming out of college. The TIC wants her to spy on her partner. If I were her I’d think there was a good reason for her orders. So if I were Zoya I’d be very suspicious of Natalya, of what I don’t know about my college room mate.

    Natalya knows Zoya is in TIC employ. She knows Zoya helped in forcing Natalya to flee CPJCT space under suspicion of murder. If I were Natalya I’d wonder where Zoya’s loyalty lies. She’s lied to her once, in a huge way. She could lie to her again, and again, and again. I’d be suspicious of Zoya’s motives in everything she does or suggests they do together.

    So that’s were I was left at the end of Milk Run in terms of character dynamics. I need to know what makes them like each other. Why are they working together? And why or will they ever trust each other?

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