Day 1561: Many

So I’ve gone beyond two … Fingers crosssed.

#tommw 38F clear. Calm

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2 Responses to Day 1561: Many

  1. Anita Lewis says:

    Two great laughs today. First was this morning when I caught your comment involving “over-sell” responding to mine on yesterday’s walk. Then came the last few seconds of this one where you remark on colonoscopy and body composition–weight lower after prep due to change in composition. We don’t have a podcast at that point to see if you really were not so full of …

  2. Craig Lewis says:

    My trick to appease that syrup craving…berries. Most often frozen. Blue, black, or rasp all work cuz they all crush nicely with a fork. Zap in microwave and pulp with fork. Cinnamon is a great add. Pancakes…oatmeal add…even on toast, with or without peanut butter. All 3 berries mentioned are very low GI.

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