Day 236: NaNo Day Sixteen

Oye. No words, but a very productive day of playing with maps.

Yesterday’s Word Count: 0
Today’s Starting Count: 77,500
How many words behind: 29,200

#tommw 20F calm, clear

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2 Responses to Day 236: NaNo Day Sixteen

  1. Tara Li says:

    Indeed a productive day! Background materials like this really help keep your universe coherent.

    • Laith says:

      I agree, I think the most important part of the NaNo experience especially for an established writer is to use the month to best productivity. I think given everything that for you Nathan ‘the day has not been wasted’ 😉

      I lost some time yesterday myself playing with maps after I realized that my geography choices weren’t the best and didn’t make sense. In my case these were real world maps not something I was creating (

      I don’t think I’m going to make 50k for the month but I am going to do my hardest to get as many words per day as I can squeeze out, then probably keep going into December to finish my draft out as far as reasonable.

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