Day 1447: Sugar Blues

So I talked about why I was so sloggy yesterday.

#tommw 58F scattered clouds. Light breeze

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3 Responses to Day 1447: Sugar Blues

  1. Glenn Oltman says:

    You have to watch those call back number they are one of the latest scam than have been redirection to phone which have a high charge for calling the along with the phone calls that ask can you hear me both of these scam have hit the pacific north west the will used your YES.

  2. Anita Lewis says:

    I was thrilled to hear something about writing when you are 80! The sugar thing is more the focus than the cholesterol, because it’s most likely part of the cause of the cholesterol. You’ve been having checkups at least yearly so you have caught this thing in plenty of time to do what is needed. Learn to love the change and it will love you back. You will not be giving up anything and will be gaining so much. I bet you are going to feel better all around. Now, I will listen to my own words and do that strength training daily that will make me feel better, too!

  3. Chong Go says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the diet problems. As you find new, good recipes, please be sure to share them with us! I did have to smile at your reaction, “So I spent the day shooting enemies.” Yeah, I’ve had days when that feels like the appropriate response. 🙂

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