Day 1571: Foggy Friday

It wasn’t very foggy – visibility around 1 mile – but the damp made it unpleasant.

#tommw 38F overcast. Calm. Light fog#tommw 38F overcast. Calm. Light fog

Updated to correct corrupted audiofile

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7 Responses to Day 1571: Foggy Friday

  1. Craig Lewis says:

    Your voice is almost inaudible (day 1571). LOTS of buzz/electronic distortion, like overload. I don’t hear it when only your footsteps are audible, but I could only listen to the first couple minutes before it just became too much of a pain.

    Hated those overcast, damp days. The thermometer LIES on those days.

  2. Craig Lewis says:

    Yes, that’s much better.

    Podcasts are nice to listen to while doing light dinner prep.

    (Even better yesterday…waiting at the car dealership for an airbag swap…in the middle of the afternoon…with soapies and Reality TV in the waiting area. Thank you for saving my sanity.)

  3. Craig Lewis says:

    Oh…a simple trick that might be worth trying.

    I’m type 2 as well. I like to use brown rice for this and that…but it’s a major PITA to make the fairly small amount that blood sugar control dictates. So…I don’t try. I’ll make enough for 3 or 4 servings, then just portion everything out into screw-top plastic. Would this work with oatmeal? Not sure. Not tried it, altho I think I will. Love steel cut, it’s wonderful on cold mornings…and our mornings are starting to cool off, finally.

  4. Kelly S says:

    It works great with steel cut oatmeal, you just need to add a bit of extra liquid when you heat it up.

  5. Shirley Brim says:

    I love the texture of steel cut oats, and embellish them shamelessly with dried fruit, nuts and spices, including cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice and cardamom. By this time it tastes more like dessert and doesn’t need sugar. You’d want to go easy on the fruit, but the nuts are good, and some of the spices are said to help moderate blood sugar. Also, I make 5 days ‘ worth of servings, and the spices prevent spoiling. Win-win!

    LOVE your books, and am waiting (patiently) for the next.

    Take good care of yourself!


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